Träume, die wahr werden …

Diesen Beitrag entdeckte ich heute in einem WordPress-Blog, durch ein „Like“ auf meinem Blog „Photos On The Go“. Spontan besuchte ich die Seite von Giaskyler und dieser Post berührte mein Herz, weil ich auch zu den Menschen gehöre, die an ihren Träumen glauben und ihre Wünsche, Träume verwirklichen möchten.

Zu den Menschen, die ihrer Sehnsucht folgen, auch wenn der Weg, der zu ihrer Erfüllung führt, manchmal unsicher erscheint. Zu den Menschen, die an Wunder glauben, und versuchen ihr Bestes zu tun, um diese auch in ihrem Leben zu integrieren. Zu den Menschen, die der Überzeugung sind, dass es sich lohnt, für ihre Träume zu leben.

Lesen Sie den Beitrag von Giaskyler und lassen auch Sie sich inspirieren!

Giaskyler schrieb:

I was born and raised in Europe, Poland to be exact. Growing up, my sister and I have heard a lot about magical place far far away called Disney World. We had no idea where it was, how far it was, but we dreamed of someday going there. Growing up with very little money, it felt out of reach and we were certain we will never go. I always wanted to live in America, my grandma said she heard me say it since I was 11 years old! I had no idea how I was gonna make it happen, since to get VISA was like a miracle and we did not have that kind of money. Finally few months before my Medical School graduation I decided to follow my dream and try to make it happen. I thought it was now or never! I was determined and found a way with my mom`s help. I asked her to take a credit from the bank for me, so I could go. I was shocked at how easily she agreed. She explained her decision by saying that I have been talking about it for years and if that`s what I really want then I should go I am proud to say I paid her back 3 times the amount I owned her. I was lucky to get VISA and 3 days after receiving my Diploma I was on an airplane to the unknown in a new, big, far away land called The United States. About 3.5 years later my sister came to visit me for the very first time and we took a road trip… to DISNEY WORLD!!! We could not believe we were there and we did not care that we looked like idiots running around, giggling and screaming!! We were behaving like little girls. We had to have a photo with every princesses and character from the stories we knew as kids. We went to every single park, on every single ride there was. We saw every show there was to see. We went on Disney Safari and to Universal Studios. We had a blast! It was my first road trip with my sister. Now every time she comes we pick a place from our “TO GO” wish list and we MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! « Giaskyler.

Liebe Grüße,

Sunelly Sims


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